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Oil Tank Enviro offers a reliable and affordable best tank removal services in Charlotte, NC.

Tank removal services

Oil Tank Removal

To reduce damage to your yard, consider oil tank removal. Consider other issues like outdated tanks, modern HVAC choices, maintenance and operating expenses, oil prices, environmental effects, property values, curb appeal, polluted groundwater, indoor VOCs, EPA standards, and appropriate disposal methods with our skilled tank removal experts. Neglecting to employ proper safety equipment and standard procedures could expose you to dangerous contaminants.

Tank removal services

Soil Testing

When purchasing or selling a home, the presence of an abandoned oil tank can significantly impact the outcome of the transaction. After identifying the oil tank, we will comprehensively examine your yard. Our approach encompasses several steps which include detecting oil tanks, obtaining soil samples, conducting soil lab analysis (if required), presenting detailed findings, and suggesting recommended actions. A thorough analysis by a professional will ensure the appropriate course of action for the oil leak.

Tank removal services

Environmental Remediation

Even if you do not have an oil tank, there could be concealed tanks on your property. As these tanks corrode over time, it is essential to enlist a professional oil tank service of North Carolina to prevent potential leaks from spreading. If your yard becomes contaminated, simply digging won’t be enough. Contaminated soil requires comprehensive remediation to prevent environmental disasters.

Tank removal services

Oil Tank Sweeps

Older residences face a heightened risk of harboring abandoned fuel tanks. We offer optimal detection solutions to address your worries, including detailed information for well-informed purchasing decisions, accurate inspections and assessment, indoor and outdoor oil tank sweeps, professional detection equipment, seasoned contractors, affordable services, and the expertise of a locally owned and operated company. Our team has the knowledge and skills to locate and safely eliminate any type of tank you may have.

Tank removal services

Free Service Estimates

Getting a cost estimate for our oil tank services in Charlotte, NC is simple, ensuring that you possess clear information and feel confident when making decisions. Our dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction motivates us to provide free estimates for the removal of oil tanks in Charlotte, NC.

Tank removal services

Local Contractors

Locals turn to Oil Tank Enviro for dependable and cost-effective oil tank removal services. Our oil tank specialists are dedicated to providing the best tank removal services, ensuring the safety and integrity of your property. With licensed and insured professionals, we guarantee professional and reliable services.

Why Choose Us

Tank removal services

Licensed & Insured

Oil Tank Enviro is licensed & insured Oil tank removal services in Charlotte, NC. 
Tank removal services

Professional Services

One of the most professional oil tank removal services
Tank removal services

Affordable, Honest, Experienced

Offer a reliable service contractors and affordable pricing. No matter how old your property is.

Why Choose Us

Tank Removal Services in Charlotte, NC | Oil Tank Enviro

Tank Removal Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

The Charlotte, NC, community has always had tons of growth year after year. Without oil tank removal services, you could end up buying a lot full of contaminated dirt.

If you plan to sell your property, you may not know a problem even exists. Without hiring us for an oil tank sweep, the sale of your home can get complicated quickly.

At Oil Tank Enviro, we offer reliable service contractors and affordable pricing. No matter how old your property is, we know what to look for, such as:

  • In-Ground Pipes
  • Vent Pipes
  • No Official Records
  • Untested Soil

  • Fill Lines
  • Indoor Piping
  • Outdoor Lines
  • Disconnected Copper Lines

  • In-Ground Pipes
  • Vent Pipes
  • No Official Records
  • Untested Soil

Even if you don’t currently use it, you may be required to have it eliminated. When you need affordable oil tank removals, you need our team today.

Best Tank Removal Services in Charlotte, NC

Finding, removing, and treating where abandoned tanks were once sitting is a tricky process. When it’s not handled correctly, you could face even higher costs and fees.

However, fuel oil tank disposal is not something the typical homeowner can manage without help. It takes a dedicated team of contractors to help keep your home and family safe.

You can’t ignore abandoned oil tanks any longer, or else you could owe the EPA. Instead, you can rely on our experienced technicians for any service calls, such as:

  • Free Service Estimates
  • Local Contractors

We won’t quit until we know that your property is safe from contaminated soil. Contact us now to inspect your property for signs of danger.

Oil Tank Removal NC

To remove an oil tank from a yard or basement is a multi-step process. You can’t merely dig a hole and toss out the container with the trash.

Underground oil tank removal must follow specific guidelines and best practices. Otherwise, you can easily cause the contaminants to spread and make things worse.

No matter where you have abandoned oil tanks hiding, we can find and eliminate them all. Contact us for the best in Charlotte oil tank removal, with solutions such as:

  • Oil Tank Identification
  • Heating Oil Removal

  • Tank Cleaning
  • Oil Tank Closing

  • Yard Excavation
  • Oil Tank Removal

This is a job that you can’t manage without a professional team of contractors. Keep your property safe with our experienced oil tank specialists.

Soil Testing NC

Without proper soil testing, you can’t know for sure if your home is safe. Ignoring the problem, intentionally or not, only causes it to worsen.

Even if you know that a tank exists, you probably don’t know what it held. The residual fumes and toxins may still pose a threat to you and your yard.

Instead, you can call on us for safe and professional soil testing services. Contact us to inspect your lawn and benefit from our options for:

  • Oil Tank Location
  • Soil Boring Collection

  • Lab Analysis
  • Composition Report

  • Professional Advice
  • Recommended Actions

No matter how severe the results might be, we always have your back. Choose us to test your yard for any evidence of contamination.

Underground Oil Tank Leak Remediation

One of the top reasons to hire Oil Tank Enviro is for oil tank remediation. The process has strict guidelines to follow because you can quickly worsen the spread.

Not only do we find and trench out the tank, but decommission it as well. This process requires a trained professional to handle it correctly.

Hiring us means always finding and treating your concerns with expert tools and contractors. Contact us to manage every step of the way with:

  • Notify Local Governments
  • Oil Removal and Disposal

  • Fuel Tank Inerting
  • Tank Disposal Preparation
  • Contaminated Soil Management

  • Soil Samples
  • Official Closure Reports

Hire us for safe and practical solutions for your tank remediation needs. Our experienced contractors know how to manage any type of tank we find.

Oil Tank Sweep Near Me Charlotte, NC

Oil tank detection is the first step in keeping your property safe. It does, however, require more than a hobbyist’s metal detector for results.

We offer professional oil tank sweeps by experienced contractors to locate any hazards. Whether a container existed in your basement or your backyard, we can find them all.

We offer reliable oil tank sweeps that NC homeowners trust the most every day. Contact our team now and have your property inspected with:

  • Interior Inspection
  • Outdoor Inspection
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Magnetometry Testing
  • Soil Probing

  • Documented Evidence
  • Detailed Inspection Report
  • Tank Database Comparison

You want experienced oil sweep NC technicians on your lawn for better results. Hire us now and give your home the expert team of inspectors.

Fuel Oil Tank Removal Services in Charlotte, NC

A household can have any number of different oil tanks lurking. Even if homeowners aren’t the ones who originally installed it, it becomes their problem now.

It can quickly become an expensive mess when you don’t hire the right contractors. Instead, we guarantee a safer approach to detection and removals every day.

No matter what type of tank we find, we know how to treat them all. Contact us to locate and address your fuel tanks, including:

  • Underground Storage Tanks 
  • Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • Basement Oil Tanks

  • Liquid Petroleum Gas Tanks (LP)
  • Leaking Tanks

  • Abandoned Tanks
  • Kerosene Oil
  • Furnace Oil Tank Removal

Wherever we locate abandoned or in-use tanks, we know how to maintain them. Call us to give your property the best team around.

The Best Oil Tank Removal Service Near Me in Charlotte, NC

Our contractors service the greater Charlotte, NC, community for convenient solutions. Hiring locally also means paying fewer service fees.

As your knowledgeable team of technicians, we have years of experience. No matter what concerns you may have, we have seen and dealt with it all.

Wherever you have a yard with a buried fuel tank, we are there for you. Choose us today for the most convenient and reliable contractors throughout:

  • Woodford Green
  • Myers Park
  • Barclay Downs
  • Montclaire South

  • Piper Glen Estates
  • Ballantyne
  • North Davidson/NoDa
  • Highland Creek

  • Plaza Midwood
  • Eastway
  • Elizabeth
  • Dilworth

See why Charlotte homeowners turn to our team for oil tank services. No one knows their way through the process better than our contractors.

Best Oil Tank Removal Company NC

When searching for abandoned fuel tanks, you can’t call inexperienced service providers. Otherwise, they miss easy-to-find warning signs that something isn’t right.

You have many choices for contractors, so how do you know which one to pick? If they don’t have our level of experience or professional equipment, you’re probably paying too much for lower quality.

Our team knows how to locate and eliminate lost oil tanks the best. When you hire us, it means hassle-free remediation every time you call with:

  • Full Licensing and Insurance
  • Experienced Contractors
  • Professional Equipment

  • Reputable Lab Service
  • Service Contracts

  • Free Quotes
  • Detailed Leak Reports
  • Soil Clean-Up Services

No matter how far down your tank hides, we know how to find it. Contact us now to request a free service quote, or to remove your containers.

Underground Tank Removal Companies Near Me in Charlotte, NC

The Charlotte area continues to see rapid growth each year. That means that there are plenty of homes to buy and sell.

However, before you can list your property, you must search for oil tanks. Otherwise, a smooth house sale becomes a litigious mess.

Even if you decide on staying in your home, we offer many benefits. Hiring us means keeping your familiar safer, as well as:

  • Improved Curb Appeal
  • Increased Property Values
  • Reduced Safety Concerns

  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Fewer Maintenance Calls
  • Healthier Environment
  • Affordable Service Costs

  • Enhanced Property Marketability
  • Safer Properties
  • Easier Sales Process

We guarantee you won’t find a better team of oil tank removal contractors. Give your property the best service providers and call our team today.

Who Needs Tank Removal Service in Charlotte, NC?

While not every homeowner will need to hire a tank removal service, others will need to hire contractors for a variety of things. 

Whatever the reason for your call, we’re always the best choice. Whether improving your outdoor aesthetics or making your home safer, choose us now.

Without fail, every old oil tank will eventually leak from the steel corroding. When it does, it only gets more expensive to manage it.

There are a variety of reasons why a homeowner would need our help. Contact us when you find yourself in such situations as:

  • Rising Utility Costs
  • Higher Maintenance Fees
  • Reduced Curb Appeal
  • Real Estate Transactions

  • EPA Violations
  • Continual Upkeep
  • Repeat Leaks
  • Rusted Oil Tanks

  • Court Ordered Tank Removals
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Well Water Systems
  • Low Property Values

The Best Charlotte, NC, Oil Tank Removal Services

Chances are if your home is 20 years old or older, it likely has a tank buried. Unfortunately, not many are well documented, making for an unwelcome surprise.

Even if you aren’t sure if one exists, it’s better to know sooner than later. Contact us at Oil Tank Enviro now for the best oil tank removal services.

Client Testimonials


Tank removal services

Our buyers performed an oil tank sweep that nobody knew about. Unfortunately, it leaked, so we had Oil Tank Enviro help us out with the remediation and removal of the tank. Couldn’t thank them enough for their professionalism! They put us at ease and really worked with on completing the job in a timely manner. 

Charles O.

Tank removal services

They found our tank and removed it within 3 days. Couldn’t be happier with the service!

Mike B.

Tank removal services

Oil Tank Enviro worked their magic for us to get the home of our dreams. Thankfully because of them we were able to sell our home of 10 years in a timely manner.

Eva J.

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