Improve The Saleability Of Your Home By Doing Underground Oil Tank Removal

Are you a home seller trying to get rid of a property quickly and for top dollar? If that is the case, you have to consider hiring an underground oil tank removal company. Consider hiring professionals to conduct underground oil tank removal to improve the salability of your home.

Why remove oil tank?

You are probably wondering why you should have the oil tank removed from  your home. First of all, various states provide different regulations for the removal, repair, and maintenance of oil tanks in homes. Some states do not have  policies regarding oil tank removal, but many encourage doing residential oil tank removal for several reasons:

  • Home insurance does not cover underground leaks

It is rare for homeowners insurance to cover the expenses attached to underground oil leaks. There are even disclaimer policies for oil tanks. If you decide to leave oil tanks in your home, you will have to take separate tank insurance that will provide coverage for leakage. Generally, the older the oil tank is, the less opportunity you will have to get good insurance for it.

For that reason, many home sellers opt to have the underground oil tanks in their property removed before listing the home for sale. That way, they can avoid encountering costly problems during and after-sale.

  • The damage causes to the environment

An underground oil leak can spread to the soil and to surface water. If that happens, families around the property with damaged oil tanks might suffer the consequences. Both land and groundwater will be contaminated and impact the health of the people and wildlife nearby. 

The risk of an underground oil tank leak has environmental, health, financial, and legal repercussions. I decide to leave a buried oil tank in its place and it starts leaking, you could face hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of cleaning the contaminated water and land. Plus, you could be looking at multiple legal and financial consequences.

  • High possibility of leakage

Any residential house that has a buried oil tank is at risk of having oil leakage. Over time, the oil tanks in home could rupture and contaminate everything around them. For that reason, it is recommended to hire professional underground storage tank removal contractors to deal with the problem.

  • Make home selling challenging

One of the biggest reasons you should consider searching for “Tank removal services near me,” is the fact that underground oil tanks do not sound good for most home buyers. Many hopeful homebuyers do not want to take the risk of costly repair or maintenance for oil tanks, especially if banks do not have mortgage options for properties with an underground oil tank.

If you are planning to sell your home but unsure if there is an abandoned underground oil tank underneath, call on the professionals to have your property evaluated. To avoid future headaches, do not simply assume that there is no buried oil tank within your property. Get in touch with the underground storage tank removal contractors who are knowledgeable in locating and decommissioning oil tanks. 

How do you remove an underground fuel tank?

Oil tank removal must be done by a professional oil removal company. Only trained technicians should handle the situation using the right equipment. Have you been spending hours and hours searching for a trusted oil tank removal nearby? We can help! We are well-aware of the process and have safety protocols in place to guarantee the safe and complete removal of oil tanks in homes.

Here is a breakdown of the process we follow:

  1. First of all, we empty the oil tank and ensure it is thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Once it is ready for the oil tank removal process, we will set up a perimeter and dig the ground where the oil tank is located.
  3. After that, our team will take out the oil storage and properly dispose of it for recycling, if possible.

Oil tanks in homes are all susceptible to leakage, besides the legal and financial responsibilities you could be facing for not dealing with it ahead of time, you could be putting the health and safety of the home buyer at risk.

If you are a home seller and your property has an active oil tank system, either look into getting insurance for it, or contact Oil Tank Enviro