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Oil Tank Removal Services in Raleigh, NC

Property owners facing the imminent risk of soil and groundwater pollution from deteriorating oil tanks require professional oil tank removal services. Oil Tank Enviro safely removes obsolete or leaking tanks, mitigating environmental hazards and minimizing the potential for legal actions and financial liabilities. 

Our Raleigh tank decommissioning service ensures a secure and compliant resolution to environmental threats, offering property owners peace of mind. Contact us for additional details.

Oil Tank Removal Services Raleigh, NC | Tank Removal Expert

Protecting Your Property and the Environment with Oil Tank Removal in Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina, is a lively place, which boasts a combination of rich history, cultural attractions, and outdoor escapades. This bustling capital city features an array of enticing attractions, including state museums, and the State Farmers Market showcasing local produce, parks, lakes, and greenways.

Similar to many properties in North Carolina, the prevalent practice in Raleigh involved utilizing heating oil as a primary heat source for both homes and commercial establishments. Oil was previously stored in either an above-ground (AST) or underground (UST) tank situated next to the home or concealed underground on the property. However, when homes underwent updates to more efficient gas or electric heating systems, the tanks were deactivated with residual oil remaining.

Old or leaking oil tanks present a significant environmental hazard. Over time, these abandoned tanks can corrode, resulting in leaks that contaminate soil and groundwater with hazardous substances. Tank decommissioning and removal services play a crucial role in averting environmental pollution, safeguarding ecosystems, and preserving water sources.

Expert Raleigh, North Carolina Oil Tank Removal Services

  • Oil Tank Removal: Secure your property with our professional oil tank removal services in Raleigh. Minimize environmental risks through proper disposal, safeguarding groundwater by preventing contamination.

  • Soil Testing: Our oil tank removal company is dedicated to conducting thorough soil tests that identify potential environmental risks, guaranteeing a secure living environment. We prioritize cost-effective solutions, avoiding unnecessary excavation.


    • Environmental Remediation: Ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach to environmental remediation is our commitment. Oil Tank Enviro is a reliable choice for dealing with environmental issues, dedicated to safeguarding families by identifying and resolving soil contamination issues to ensure their safety.
    • Oil Tank Sweeps: Our services play a crucial role in facilitating informed decisions during property transactions. We are proud of our skilled professionals who adeptly manage oil tank sweeps and use specialized equipment to scan the soil for signs of buried tanks.

    Raleigh’s Leading Oil Tank Removal Company

    Oil Tank Enviro is a trusted and licensed oil tank removal service based in Raleigh, NC. Our team of experts is dedicated to maintaining high standards of professionalism and excellence and offer a wide range of services in Raleigh, including oil tank removal, soil testing, environmental remediation, and oil tank sweeps. Our goal is to address potential hazards associated with abandoned or leaking oil tanks, ensuring Raleigh’s landscape and environment.

    Our skilled team of local contractors follows strict guidelines to ensure safe and efficient processes, from tank identification to soil testing and remediation. The positive feedback from our satisfied customers confirms our ability to effectively address oil tank issues. We are the trusted partner for homeowners seeking expert solutions to oil tank-related concerns.

    Expert Insights Into Underground Oil Tank Removal Challenges And Solutions

    Underground oil tanks present unique challenges during the removal process. Typically larger in capacity than their above-ground counterparts, these tanks require excavation for extraction. The process involves a more intricate and time-consuming procedure and often necessitates specialized equipment.

    The concealed nature of underground tanks increases the risk of unnoticed issues, such as leaks or corrosion. The resulting potential for soil and groundwater contamination is higher with underground tanks, emphasizing the need for compliance with stringent environmental regulations and the expertise of professionals in oil tank removal services.

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    Safeguard your Raleigh, NC property from environmental risks with our expert oil tank removal services. Whether you are dealing with obsolete or leaking tanks, our professional team will ensure safe and legal tank removal, preventing soil and groundwater pollution.

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